June 12, 2001

Can't We All Just Get Along?
Robert P.D.

Ok since '99 I've been to this site several times and I hear people complaining about the movie and they have all been vaild complains. I'm a big fan of LOTR, and there's nothing in the world I would like to see is that Mr. Jackson would mess this up. But see, this is a movie. And any movie, based off a book, is always changed, its almost never like the book. The idea of taking a book and making into a movie is not only to make a profit of the movie, but to also increase book sales. What makes you think one of the greatest books of the past century would be any different?? Its a movie, someone's adaptation of the book. Plus, all anyone has seen is the trailer's, has anyone actually seen the movie yet??? Let's all sit back watch the movie, and make our judgements after Return of the King. Let Mr. Jackson have the chance before we put up the stake and light the fire.