June 12, 2001

Re: The Power of the One Ring
Ben S.

The reason that Sauron created the ring was not to "enslave the world" as the trailer said, but simply to gain the power to control the lesser rings forged by the elves. The Unfinished Tales ( a great book!) tells of how Sauron forged the One Ring to ensnare the Celebrimdor (Creator of the the lesser rings, also made the Elessar, A gem of great power. It was in part responsible for the timelessness of Lothlorien) However, when Sauron put the ring on his finger, Celebrimdor and the other elves entrusted with one of the three greatest rings of power (untouched by Sauron) were aware of the trap and removed the rings. Sauron fell upon the elvish smiths and stole all the rings except the three, which he wanted the most.

Time passed, and the combined might of elves and men defeated Sauron and Isildur cut the Ring from Sauron's finger. Sauron had put so much of his power into the Ring so he could control the three that without it, he was defeated for a long age. However, the Ring was lost. Because Sauron was no longer wearing the Ring, the three rings held by the elves could now be used. But after the disaster of the Silmarils and the elvish rings, the elves wizened up and kept them hidden. Now I know this was a lot of background, but FINALLY, HERE IS MY POINT!!

When Sauron re-formed in the Third age, gathered his forces and the dreaded ringwraiths, he started searching for the Ring. But, for centuries the Elves had been using the three greatest elven rings. If Sauron had found the Ring, BAM No Lorien, BAM no Rivendell, and BAM Gandalf would be helpless. Sauron would not only be as strong as he ever was, but he would have also crushed his greatest enemies! That is where the expression, "Kill two spiders with one hobbit" came from.

As an interesting side thought, If, say, Frodo had maintained control of the Ring, would all of the orcs have obeyed him? And what about those wielding the Elven Rings? In my opinion the only people strong enough to wield the Ring in contention with Sauron would be Saruman, Gandalf, the Balrog (same type of spirit as Sauron), or maybe one of the more powerful elves (Elrond, Galadriel, Glorfindel). Even without his Ring, Sauron was immensely powerful, and he still had 8 ringwraiths left....(what happened to the Witch King's ring I wonder? Mouth of Sauron was to get it maybe? Sauron wasn't one to waste Rings)

I hope this clears up your questions.