June 13, 2001

Response to Casting Rants

While I did enjoy your rant, (you were on a roll for a while), I have to admit the same fear... even though I have all faith that, adaptation or not, it will still be an incredible set of movies.

The characters all standing together? Yeah, I felt the same odd twinge of pain when I saw the still, But then I thought, why am I trying so hard to see something that was given a split second of air time, for a reason. The post production on these movies is absolutely incredible, and there are a number of things that could be attributed for a split second of air time looking bad. I do not worry about it. I dont think they will screw up such an integral part of the story's visual awe.

I think that Aragorn could have been an older man, yes. However, at this point, upon reading some of the interviews, I am rooting for anyone who had a love for the book... and apparently, Mortensen was very immersed into his character, which I admire and therefore look forward to seeing. Your right, someone like Liam Neeson would have had the better face (this would have been impossible do to his Star War's role... that kinda coincidence doesnt sell to well)

In the end, I understand FEARS about the movie. I fear for a lot of movies. I always want movies with such potential to be as good as they look like they're going to be. However, I don't ever adhere to blatant destruction of a movie no one has seen. So I speculate... its fun. But they're making the movie and no one can stop it. Might as well have fun as it proceeds. It could be terrible... so what? If it is, then the books are always there, uncorrupted in themselves, and it would prove that these books are far too superior to put to screen.

If they do turn out great. wonderful! Then we get an interesting visual companion to the books. And a great movie besides.  Sure, I will worry about how my favorite characters will look. But in the end, I cant change it, so I dont want to change it, and I might as well enjoy it.