June 14, 2001

On Aragorn and Arwen

Certainly, as I read on the last sumbission, Viggo Mortensen has been the object of many doubts. First of all, I felt disappointed to see he wasn't dark haired nor thin, as the role of Aragorn requires. It was a pitty that Daniel Day-Lewis turned down the role. He would have been a more than perfect Aragorn, as I think would say anyone who saw him as Hawkeye in "The Last of the Mohicans". He has the physical type and the apparent age, and, people, this man can act!!! On Mortensen I would say nothing can be said until he's seen in his role. But, if there's something to have for sure, itīs that he isn't an exact match fot Tolkien's description ofthe Dunadan. I'm a bit worried he looks to much as a biker. I hope this to be seriously solved by his acting. Good wishes, Viggo.

For Arwen I must say that she never shows too much of her in the books. She is only well-known for being Aragorn's love and extraordinarily beautiful. Believe me: when I read the books, I THOUGHT OF LIV TYLER! My only complaint is for the efforts being made to give her character a dimension she never has in he story. Thumbs up for her, cause I think she'll do well with the role.