June 19, 2001

In Support of Leonides' Reply to RingGirl
Wulfric G.

I completely agree with every statement Leonides made in reply to RingGirl. I am highly pleased with the cast selections. Touching on her statements about Aragorn. He himself is not described as being a "handsome" man. He does not "look fairer and feel fouler", while he does not exactly "look foul but feel fair" either. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but I feel from the rest of the information on him that he was not a Liam Neeson type. As far as the Arwen debate, I can't say whether I'm for, or against it. There are not many main female characters throughout LOTR. Raising Arwen to a main character and making her stronger, in my opinion, is a logical choice to give the first movie a larger female presence. But, I'm also great fan of the books, having read it for the first time about thirty years ago, when I was twelve, and at least once a year since then. So I don't care for her having replaced Glorfindel, as it seems from some of the stills I've seen.

In the end we will all be seeing Peter Jackson's vision of LOTR and since you can't please everyone all of the time there are bound to be triumphs and disappointments in these movies for each person watching. I applaud PJ for taking on this huge responsibility of bringing LOTR to the silver screen. I am certain to enjoy and rave about them despite any personal disappointments I may end up having, which I might add can only be construed as "nit-picking".