June 19, 2001

New Response to RingGirl
Antony T.

I've never been to this site before, but I have to admit that the comments regarding casting/direction/specialFX by Ring-Girl had me wanting to vomit. I also prefer to have intellectual debates about the things I'm interested in, but I simply HAD to respond to the rubbish I have just read and leave the intellectuality of it all to someone else. (And Leonides, I have to say that even though you were cruel, I can understand your contempt for such thoughtless mainstream stupidity).

"While hobbits may have been described by Tolkien as being perfectly proportioned little people half the size of humans, I'm sure he did not mean their heads were only half the size of human heads as well! This frame looks very odd to me in the trailer, and makes." - Ring Girl

What makes you SO SURE that Tolkien would want tiny little people with HUGE heads and hands? Have you ever seen any of Tolkien's drawings of Hobbits? Or read any of his descriptions of them? If you had, then you would realise that the casting for the films is quite true to his vision. Now, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but most people seem to agree on this - and I would go with Tolkien's vision of a hobbit over your "weirdo hands and head" version anyday.

"P.J is obviously wanting star appeal before anything else..." Ring Girl

What can I say?! Your tone sounds sooo mainstream and uninformed! (Not to mention condescending to someone who is undertaking a project bigger than anything most of us can envision.) I think it is probably YOU who would go for star appeal before anything else! It is true what Leonides said - the cast is generally not that well-known in terms of STAR APPEAL. Definitely most of them are respected AS ACTORS, but when was the last time you saw Orlando Bloom or John Rhys Davies pulling a crowded mob of psychotic teenagers towards a cinema? NEVER! And yet the only alternative you offer for Viggo is the WILDLY FAMOUS STAR ... Liam Neeson???? Huh???? The STAR WARS dude!!!! Now there's a movie who's cast seems suspiciously to have been placed purely for STAR APPEAL! (What a crap movie I thought Phantom Menace was anyway....but I'll get back to the real topic).

PLUS - you carry on about Viggo being cast badly as Aragorn, because he's (wait for it) too young!!! Get your facts straight. The guy's around 40 years old! I'm sorry but to me that means that even though he's cute and whatever, he's definitely pushing it towards the Sean Connery end of the cute-scale - again, not what you'd call classic STAR APPEAL! (no offense Sean, I hope you get my point)

Everything else Leonides said in his reply, (and I probably just said the same things as him anyway but with different words).

But there was one thing you said, Ring-Girl, that I completely agree with:

"...who am I to say anything about it?" - Ring Girl

Yes, who are you to say anything about it!