June 20, 2001

In Response to Recent Casting Critiques
Edmund C.

I couldn't help but be drawn into such a fiery debate.

I think Aragorn looks good. I mean, this guy was Elendil's heir and lived in Rivendell for his boyhood. He had some pretty noble blood in him. In my book, that would give him some classic good looks, no matter his profession. He is the descendant of kings, after all.

Besides, from what I have heard, Morenston was chosen mostly for his acting ability. I thought I read something a while back about him getting so "into" the character of Aragorn that he camped out a few times! Wonderful! I hope that all of the actors try to experience their roles like that.

I, personally, thought the hobbits looked good. They are not easy to create.

Arwen might have been better, but perhaps Liv Tyler fits the bill in personality. We really don't know until we see the movies. Besides, I do not get the feeling her role is that large, overall. The same goes with Miranda Otto. I always pictured Eowyn to be very young and blonde, but maybe Miranda Otto is a splendid actress, just right for her selected role.

Besides, between Cate Blanchett, Sean Astin (the best, IMHO), Orlando Bloom, and the rest, the evidence points to Jackson & Co. having pretty good taste. I wouldn't worry until we have something specific to worry about.