June 20, 2001

Say It Ain't So

I'm sure many fans have commented on certain omissions and insertions into the plot of the upcoming "Fellowship". So now it's my turn.

First and foremost, the exclusion of Bombadil. I may be wrong, but if the movie takes out Bombadil, won't the Old Man Willow scene and the Barrow-Downs scene be cut also? Merry obtained the sword of Westernesse in the Barrow that later he plunged into the Lord of the Nazgul, thus fulfulling prophecy about that Wraith. It would actually make the segment of the journey from Maggots to Bree disappear (unless a substitute section has been adopted).

Second, why do movie producers seem hell bent on ruining a good movie by playing up the love scenes? If its a love story, then more power to them. But the love themes are few, and the time given to them very short. Arwen and Eowyn have the only love segments in the book, and they are very short. From what I've seen and heard, the Arwen/Aragorn scenes have been built up (I saw a pic of Arwen with a sword! What is that all about?) I hope this doesn't ruin the whole movie (other than battle scenes and special effects, Pearl Harbor was a snooze..will Rings be the same?) Is it because that Liv wouldn't play the role unless she had more scenes? Well, get another Arwen then!

I suppose I am very critical because LOTR and the Silmarillion are very dear to me, and I have not read their equal. 25 plus times I have read the trilogy, and never once get tired of it. Many movie adaptations change plots to serve one reason or another. Why does LOTR has to follow suit?