June 25, 2001

Dreams vs. Reality
Eric H.

Having worked in the film business for eight years, the economic realities of attempting a monumental work such as LOTR preclude any studio from being fully faithful to the book. The fact that PJ has been able to retain what appears to be a sizable percentage is remarkable. It is equally remarkable that  New Line is willing to put itself in jeopardy by betting its future on these three films.  The changes that bolster a minimal love story are purely economic decisions to assure financiers that the films will apeal to certain market segments and that there will be a return on the investment. Be thankful that Disney doesn't hold the rights to this film! I think PJ will be faithful to the essence of the story.  If the love story that is implied is expanded a bit, so what? Would you prefer that the films not be made? Perhaps if Bill Gates were enthralled enough by the LOTR story that he was willing to part with half a billion to see it made, word for word, then we'd see the stuff that dreams are made of.