June 25, 2001

Of Hobbits and Song

Today I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Lotr Real channel that I had downloaded ages ago was good for more than interview after interview with Peter Jackson (not that they weren't very interesting, but they did get repetitive). Much to my surprise, I found a link entitled "Lotr at Cannes". Now, I suppose for most of you this is old news but I hadn't checked the channel in a while, so I was intrigued. I must admit that, for a moment, I thought I might get to see some movie footage but alas there was none. Instead there were some shots of people dressed in medieval costume and a few statements from the actors. All that would have been fine, but there was one added bonus to this clip. Now, from early on I knew that many (if not all) of the songs were to be edited out of the Lotr movie (gone the way of Bombadil, as I have begun to say). This was to be expected, after all no one wants the Lord of the Rings the Musical on our hands in December. But when I saw this clip some of my hope...

Oh and on another note, does anyone besides me think the survey this week supposed to be a joke? I think highly of this site but frankly I found that survey silly. People walking on their knees? I might be insulted by that but instead I will take it as a practical joke, if a very odd one.