June 27, 2001

Overlooking the Biggest Problem
Dean R.

Everyone on this site is typing about scenery, casting, TV series, and so on. But everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that after these movies come out, if they are successful, hardly anyone will read the book. Can you imagine when you have had a child( if you dont already) and want to share the experience of the LOTR trilogy with them. The first thing they will say is,god help us,"I'll just watch the movie". The book will become seemingly nonexistent we will have taken one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written, and ripped it away from society. Now I'm sure someone will tell me this is not possible, that no movie will replace the creativity and magic of the world Tolkien created, but it will. Frankly this is something I cannot accept and in many ways I wish the movie would not be made. I hope though that someone will correct me, that I am horribly wrong, so please tell me your thoughts.