June 28, 2001

Response to Dean
Angela M.

Well, the first thing I must ask is this: Can you back up your fear that people won't read the book? Many classic books have been made into movies, yet I never hear of the number of readers waning; quite the opposite, it seems a movie causes a surge in the reading. This has happened with LOTR already. I read that the number of books being bought since the movie has been in the works has risen quite a bit, it may have been like 200%. The new 3-in-one book of trilogy that has been released recently has sold over 350,000 copies. I don't expect the numbers to go down after the movie opens; I expect them to go up. As long as there are people who enjoy reading, they will read LOTR. Will you say "I'm not going to read the book, I'd rather watch the movie"? I thought not. I won't, certainly. It's just that there are some people that will never like to read novels, and they wouldn't have read them if the movie was never made. At least they may appreciate Tolkien's work as a movie. It's not the first, anyway.