July 1, 2001

Some Observations Regarding Warfare

I remain both thrilled and concerned with online images from the forthcoming films, and I would like to add some quick observations regarding their development of warfare. While the CGI and graphics are simply breathtaking, my concerns over the armor, weaponry and tactics have reached critical mass, and I want to take this opportunity to see if other fans share these concerns. Specifically, Professor Tolkien was deeply moved by the Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Celtic myths and cultures (to start), and LOTR reflects his love for them. The heaviest armor normally worn was chain, with little enough in that regard (only the wealthy normally could even afford the above), and as well, the blades and weapons reflected the tactics of the time. No where in the books can I locate any references to plate mail or latter Medieval weapons such as rapiers, etc. Professor Tolkien was very clear in this regard, citing in his brilliantly concise style the military aspects of his peoples in a single sentence...