July 1, 2001

Gimli and the Ring?
Jeff C.

After viewing the real audio clip of Davis talking about Gimli, I have to say one of his comments intrigued me.

He was talking about Gimli's bravery, and perhaps its limitations, and he says, "after trying to detroy the ring" he realizes he can't and goes back to fighting Orcs.

Now I have read the trilogy several times, and I dont recall Gimli ever coming in contact with the ring, nor ever activley trying to detroy it. Am I mistaken here?

Does anyone know what he may be referring to? My only guess, is he is referring to being on the journey to destroy the ring with Frodo, then instead of going all the way, he goes to Minas Tirith (eventually).

Of course, since the debate about Borimir touching the ring, I thought this may also need some discussion.