July 10, 2001

Re: Todd K.
Derek McG.

The only ring forged by Sauron was the One Ring. The Three, Seven, and Nine were forged by the Elven smiths of Eregion. Elrond actually names the Elf who forged the Three (Celebrimbor). The Silmarillion says that Sauron "guided" them in the forging, but he did not actually create the Rings of Power. His purpose was to learn the secret of their forging, so that he could make the One Ring to rule them all. Once he did, "Celebrimbor was aware of him, and hid the Three which he had made." So it was that only the Three escaped Sauron, while the Nine and the Seven were taken by him (except some of the Dwarven rings, which were consumed by Dragon fire).