July 10, 2001

Response to RingGirl
Jim W.

I agree that the hobbits don't look EXACTLY the way I (or probably Tolkien for that matter)invisioned them. I don't however, think that that the use of "little people" would be a good idea. First of all, I don't think that you would find "little people" who can act as well as Elijah Wood. Secondly, I think that in movies today, "little people" people are simply used as comic relief (Austin Powers, Midget wrestling [it's amazing what you can find on cable!]), and I feel that people wouldn't take them seriously because they are "little people". I would rather have good actors with flawed proportions than "little people" that can't act.

Now about Viggo Mortensen (probably spelled wrong).............

I think that Viggo will do a good job as Aragorn. I agree that he doesn't look rugged enough for the part (after all, he IS supposed to "look foul"), after all "all that is gold not glitter, and he does his fair share of glittering. But once again, if I had to choose between someone who can act, or someone who looks the part, I'd take the better actor anyday.