July 12, 2001

Question of the Rings
Corey D.

I'm not understanding any of the banter about the rings here. My following comments are coming strictly from the Lord of the Rings. The Silmarillion does not enter into it. I've read that book numerous times, but it's been a long time, and I've just now been reading the LOTR again in preparation for the upcoming movies. Now to my understanding, Sauron created all the rings. He gave 3 to the elves, 7 to the dwarves, and 9 to men. After all this, he created the one to control them all. It was a big trick see, so that the races would be under his power. The elves were wise to him and hid their rings away and protected them by magics. The dwarves just ignored him and used their rings to help them find gold. You see, mining and treasure seeking is at the core of every dwarf. They have no real thirst for power. It is hard to corrupt something so simple. As well as it's already greed to begin with. These values were forign to Sauron. Plus, dwarves are very strong and very stubborn.