July 17, 2001

Leaving Out Bombadil
Renee L.

I am very sorry to hear that the character of Tom Bombadil will be left out of the upcoming movie. Not mearly for his character alone, but also for all the events that his character is involved in. I read in one of the movie reviews that they did not feel that he was an integral part of the story. I cannot agree, first of all, it was during the passage of the old forest and the later events in the Barrow-downs that we began to know the hobbits more closely. It was in the Barrow, that first was awakened, the seed of courage in Frodo. I have always felt that this was a very pivotal moment in the development of Frodo's character. I don't see how they could include this scene without including Bombadil and everything that leads up to this event.