August 6, 2001

Scene Cutting
Neil G.

Hi. This is about the cutting of material from the films. We all are aware that this film is (more than likely) going to be the biggest money-making film of all time. They had such a huge budget, that it seems to me they had no need to leave bits out of filming, even if they don't include it in the film. Stupid suggestion you might say, why spend money filming something that you are going to use. Well my thought was that they could do one of two things. Either release a second edition, with the ENTIRE book on film this would make them even more money, as all readers of the book will buy it, or add it to the DVD package as an extra feature? That way they could have made the film that the bureaucrats wanted and the film that the public wanted. As for the scenes they have changed, a lot of them seem to be a good idea. They keep the film flowing and stop it from being staggered out. The only thing that does concern me is the change that they appear to be giving to parts of the

Just my thoughts, let me know what you think.