August 8, 2001

Cannes Footage in Brazil
Mauricio K.

I just knew that a friend of mine went to the screening of the Cannes 26 minutes footage, and the worst of all, I was a couple of blocks away from the place that the screening was happening and he could had get me into, but he couldn't find me because I was at a fucking business meeting! Ahhh!!!Why, why, why? Why keep working if we can't do the stuffs we'd like to. Want more? Beside the fact that was for free, they won the Lotr trilogy single book, that had just been released here, and posters. About the footage, I think you all know in details, I don't need to say that my friend, that is, you know, like one of us, is in a sort of shock condition. One thing he told and I didn't see any comments about the subject, is concerning Gandalf's height, because I've always imagined him being very tall and Sir Ian McKellen isn't that much, and my friend told that he looked really big on screen. For me, at least, is very good news.