August 15, 2001

A Few Replies
Sophie L.

To Jason B. - In response to your statement that 'the curiosity will be unbearable' - I do not intend to go see any of the films.

To Stacy B. - Yes, I would prefer that the films had never   been made.

It is not so much the fact of the elimination of Tom Bombadil that bothers me, but the disregard it shows for the book. Yes, it is a work of fiction. No, it cannot be transferred directly to the screen - it must come through with some adaptations. That is why, in my opinion, the books should have been left completely alone. Since it is impossible to make them into films and leave them perfectly unsullied, these surpassingly magnificent and (in my opinion) sacrosanct books should not have been made into movies.

No one's view or imagination can be the same. Therefore people cannot all agree with the casting and what adaptations, if any, should be made. I, for one, am content to read the books and see them for myself in my head. I acknowledge that it is impossible for PJ to adapt the books without putting his own version of them onto the screen. The fact of the matter is that I have absolutely no desire to see PJ's version of a story that is already completely, beautifully, perfectly drawn and brought to life - on the page.