August 18, 2001

To Stacy B.
Sophie L.

Since I was not intending to sound like the zealot on a witch hunt or blood-drinking harpie as which you apparently perceived me, I apologize to you. No condemnation was meant or offered, not for anyone else's opinions or even Peter Jackson's efforts. Truly he has a formidable task, especially with a blood-drinking harpie introducing threads of satanism in her articles.

I was not introducing a thread of satanism, regardless of what you might think, although I suppose it may have sounded that way. I merely expressed my own opinion, though perhaps in more vehement terms than the issue required or deserved. If you feel that I insulted you, I apologize; such was scarcely my intention.

It is not the adaptation of books into movies that bothers me, but the adaptation of an artistic enterprise into a commercial enterprise. Somewhere along the line something, in this case a book, becomes popular, and someone (in this Culture of the Green Glow) perceives that they might make loads of money off of it in some way, in this case making books into movies.

Believe it or not, I do actually appreciate the efforts of PJ & co., but don't necessarily agree that they should be made. That doesn't mean I think that the books are Gospel, or that PJ is a demon. I only stated that I wasn't particularly interested in seeing someone's version of something that someone else already imagined - and this goes not only for books but for everything.