August 18, 2001

PG-13 is Good News
John R.

If the report is true that the movie will have a "PG-13" rating, then this is good news.

The trilogy of books are not children's stories (e.g., severed heads, slit throats, psychological terror). I'd say the books themselves should have a "PG-13" rating. While most of The Hobbit is rather silly, there is the Gollum sequence, so I'd rate the Hobbit firmly as "PG".

Now, if the movie drew a "R" rating, then I'd wonder why (topless elf-maidens? Strider's naked buttocks? excessive gore?) A "G" rating might be just as bad (Anduril never reforged, and no one has swords, or bleeds or dies). So, it's a hopeful sign.