August 19, 2001

Wow is Right: Response to Close Mindedness
Corey D.

Here, here, Paul, Stacy...

Some of you people are sooo close-minded. Losen up a bit. Have a cup of coffee, read a magazine... Get a life.

What is the big deal? No one is touching Tolkien's literature. There isn't some maniacal editor out there who doesn't like the professor's style of writing so he's decided to change the construct of it. This a film adaptation of the books. Yes, it's someone's interpretation of what Tolkien's wrote... Big deal. If, after you've watched it, and you don't like it, no one's stopping you from going home cracking open Fellowship of the Ring one more time and reading again to recapture what you think you might have lost.

You know, Peter Jackson might not make a perfect copy of what Tolkien wrote, but if he's any where close, I for one think it's well worth the price to see it. Tolkien's words has forever been captured and brought to life. Are you going to condemn the likes of John Howe and Ted Nasmith who have forever labored to capture moments of Middle-Earth on canvas? Tolkien himself has praised some of these artists. Two of which work on set of these films as conceptual artists. Are you even going to condemn all the poems and stories Tolkien's helped to inspire just because it's not the original piece of work? Look at all the classic works of fiction that have come from the Arthurian mythologies. Mostly interpretations of the original stories. Do you wish to stiffle the art and the love that was inspired by Middle-Earth? I think that it's a sad thing if you do.

Do yourself a favor, go searching on the net and look at any of the finished stills provided by New Line, and then honestly tell me these aren't some of the most beautiful images ever captured on film. Go look at the day-planner images just posted. Look at the shot of Gandalf in Hobbiton, Saruman who looks to perhaps be somewhere in the Shire as well (Return of the King), Frodo on the fallen head of the statue, the ringwraith at the dock of the ferry, and so on... To me, images like this are worth the price of admission alone.

Perhaps PJ will not get it full right, and so it is not exactly what you've pictured in your mind, but isn't any attempt to try and bring these wonderful stories to life worth it. It will definately enhanse the interests of the reading public which in turn will expose more people to Tolkien. That can't be anything but a good thing. Open your mind and your heart a little. Rejoice in the all the interest that these stories have generated over the years, and are generating even now. See this other interpretation and then decide whether yours or his is better. And remember that seeing this all in your head and then seeing it all on film, come to life on the big screen, is an entirely different experience.

Don't deprive yourself of something that can be so wonderful. And if you really love JRR Tolkien and you want to share that love, how about giving this project some support, and stop helping to generate negative feedback that definately won't help the interest in anything Middle-Earth.