August 19, 2001

To Those Who Denounce 20th Century Media
Jamie B.

But *sniff* *sniff* I don't want them to pervert my beloved book by making it a movie....*whine* I just won't see it! PLEASE!

First of all, it's PG-13, so we know we won't have to put up with some kind of jarjar character running around with some crazy speech impediment annoying Gandalf with two-bit catch phrases. While the movie may become a commercial success, it WILL NOT be in lieu of its critical success.

Second of all, it runs just under three hours, so I'm sure it will include as much of the book's content that is humanly possible. So there's a good chance that you'll see PJ's rendition of your favorite scene, Spock Jr, so don't worry.

Finally, the most important reason to be as excited as I am about this flick, is that it expands the influence of Tolkien. Look around you. How many of us are reading the books again in preparation for the movie? How many of us cruise the net all day looking for the latest buzz on the films instead of doing our jobs? How many of us have had to explain to at least one person in the past year what these movies are and why that it is such a big deal that they are coming out? How many new Tolkien fans will this phenomenon create? Remember this when your sitting in your nerd-style apartment clipping your toenails and watching reality TV, while the rest of us are watching this kick ass movie!