August 24, 2001

Give Jackson a Break
Jeff S.

I just read the post about Tom Bombadil being taken out. Sure, it would be ideal to follow every word of the books. (He has stated over and over that he has tried to do so.) But there are other considerations.

He is creating this movie not just for the extreme hard-core Tolkein fans, but needs to make a movie that is interesting, not too long, develops characters, etc. He needs to appeal to the general public as well. Why? Because otherwise there would be no profit, and therefore no movies. In spending as much money as he has, he is relying on people to watch the movie that haven't read the books as well.

The Lord of the Rings is not a script. It's a book. A great book. If we used it totally and literally as a script, we would probably not have a great movie. When we translate books to movies, some things just don't come across.

Jackson is bravely finding the middle ground where he can create amazing movies while following the book as closely as possible. If he left something out, I'm sure it pains him as much as anyone, and I'm sure he had a good reason to do so.

I've seen and read much about these movies, and being a Tolkein fan already myself, I think that Tolkein fans should be the most excited about the movies. Let's not get overly critical.

Let's just accept the fact that some small things will be altered. They have to be. Let's go to the theaters in December and enjoy one artist's interpretation (not replacement) of the books.

Give Jackson a break.