August 26, 2001

Other Concerns
C. Russell

The absence of Tom Bombadil doesn't bother me as much as other omissions that I've heard about. Some changes are inevitable, but two things concern me, if what I've heard is true. If Arwen sneaks into the battle of Helms Deep to fight, how are the directors going to let Eowyn do the same thing at Battle of Pellenor Fields, where she battles the Witch King, which to me is one of the most touching and powerful scenes in the whole trilogy? It will be redundant if two female characters do this. And even worse: No Scouring of The Shire? Come on, Mr. Jackson, you have time to reconsider that. The Scouring of the Shire is the perfect ending: It shows how the evil isn't just far away, but can work itself into even the most ordinary and innocent parts of life. And the lines from that part of the trilogy are hilarious. I can live without Bombadil, but those two changes, if true, are going to be hard to take. Opinions anyone? Or am I behind on my rumors?