August 28, 2001

Tom, Eowyn and Arwen
Richard H.

Hello! First I'd like to thank everyone for making constructive replies to my opinions regarding Tom Bombadil. I'm not going to shout anyone down as I can appreciate, and understand, your opinions totally - I just don't agree with some of them.

I'd like to pick up a point raised earlier regarding Eowyn... I agree with C.Russell - I think that Eowyn's role is diminshed by having Arwen in a more "active" role. She will not have the same impact now as she could have and this IS a mistake by PJ.

Dana F is spot on regarding her interpretation of what Arwen symbolises: she is Aragorn's salvation and hope of better things to come. To change her character in the ways that are rumoured does sadden me as I feel such changes are not for the better. If PJ wished to show a strong, in respect to active participation, female character (beyond Eowyn), why not use the appendices in LotR which describe the battles of Galadriel in defending Lorien. Let's not forget that at the end of the War of the Ring Galadriel uses her magic to destroy the very foundations of Dol Guldur so that know evil could inhabit that place again!

That being said I still think the films will be awesomne - I know of some changes that have been made, and in my opinion for the better. And also if they get people interested in Tolkien's books then that can only be great for everyone.