August 30, 2001

Okay, So I Overreacted a Little
Steve L.

After writing a note here yesterday, I visited the official movie site again and saw the latest trailer. And of course it looks awesome! I never meant to suggest anyone should protest or boycott the films because they are not a perfect rendering of the books! Perish the thought!! I just got a bit paranoid that the film might be TOO commercialized and altered for mass marketing because it seemed some major changes were being made. However, the fit of paranoia has past now, and I can now admit to some simple realities: that certain changes MUST be made to show the story's events within 3 hours at a suitable pace; that the film is an interpretation and therefore bound to differ somewhat from the story or my own interpretation of it; and that other practical considerations in making and marketing the film will affect the final product in some ways.
Moreover, another visit to the movie site reminded me how many talented people have participated in the making of this film who love Tolkien's story and have studied his works in depth. One can easily see the great care that has been put into details such as realistic set designs, costumes, speech dialects, and the accurate representation of imaginary languages. When I watch the trailers, I am also very impressed by the cast, who seem to play their parts convincingly with feeling and make their words their own.
As someone else wrote earlier, I'm sure it pained the film's creators as much as others to make decisions to cut or change parts of the story. Ultimately, I believe sincere efforts have been made to create a worthy visual representation of Tolkien's world. It will undoubtedly be spectacular, so I feel very grateful to Peter Jackson and everyone involved in the project. I just wish I could've gotten a part as an extra, darnit!
By the way, there is an article at the movie site by Tolkien scholar Bill Wenden. He writes about visiting the LOTR set and lays to rest the rumor that Arwen will appear in Helm's Deep. She definitely does NOT go to Rohan. Tolkien's Glorfindel and Bombadil will be missed, but, as another great poet once said, "You can't always get what you want." I think I'll look at the latest trailer again now.