August 31, 2001

In Response to Stacy B.

Now this is certainly the best one I've read in a long time. It's quite new to hear that a forum like this one is dedicated to the writer of LOTR! And even if this is true, I don't see the point of your rant about "grammar and composition". For one thing you seem to forget that fan pages like this one is frequented by a lot of people with a native language other than English (like myself). So every person living on the face of this planet should be able to write (and speak) English without any error, just to please you? Is that it? Please give me a break.

I am fully aware of the fact that I'm not capable of speaking/writing in English without any errors (in fact I am sure I make a lot of them), as are most other "foreign" people I'm sure. But that does not give you the right to try and exclude us from the forums. In fact I'm proud of being able to express myself more than adequate in five different languages, albeit not error-less.

What we are dealing with here is this good old inbred English feeling of superiority (go ahead, flame away, I can take it). You are clearly born a few hundreds of years to late. Let me say one thing: you are far from superior to the rest of us. Tolkien is NOT an exclusive English matter anyway.

Besides, IMNERHO(*), this forum is not about language (not to mention your hurt feelings of aesthetics). This forum is about a movie being made. A movie about some books we all came to love dearly. And from this point of view the only thing off-topic here is your complaining! Next time you submit a post to these forums make sure it's about the movies, please? You are not only "simply hampering discussion", but more important you are "distorting it".

(*) IMNERHO, In my never even remotely humble opinion.