September 4, 2001

Plagierism, etc.
Cicily T.

First of all, I think some of you actually need to go back and read what I initially wrote in regards to plagiarism. I DID NOT cause Jackson of plagiarism. I was merely asking what constitutes plagiarism and how people felt about it, and would anyone think that down the road, with LOTR now being made into a movie, then other versions will surely follow, would those versions likely stay true to the story or use the character names and rewrite the adventure. In comparison to the many different versions of The Three Musketeers. I actually thought I was adding something new to discuss on this forum, since people are getting tired of the Bombadil/Arwen postings. I repeat...I NEVER said that Jackson was plagiarizing, I was merely asking the forum, what is plagiarism, how everyone felt about it, and their personal views on the subject. Afterall this is a forum for discussion and I wanted to know more about this subject, since in Japan it is viewed differently, than in North America. Also, I did not find Sophie's response insulting, actually, I thought it was a well thought out response, and I appreciate her viewpoint. Thank you for your input Sophie, I think you did actually read my post, since you were the only one to pick up on whether Jackson was trying to make himself into a mogul like Spielberg and Lucas. Thank you.