September 4, 2001

The Recent Poll Question
Jon S.

As a regular visitor to this site, I was intigued by the new poll question and the options it gave, though i found myself unable to decide on any of the given choices. 'whimsical' i feel is entirely the wrong word to have for the description of how one feels after reading LOTR. Myself,, and im sure many will agree with me, that the overall feeling is more one of melancholia, and in my mind i always imagine barbers adagio for strings accompanying the final chapter, and if the film were to leave me feeling any other way, i would feel cheated indeed. Sure, i want to see drama and adventure as well, but if it fails to capture the sense of beauty fading from the world that the book conveys, then peter jackson will have failed.

P.S. Im not gonna complain about it anymore, as its all been said before, but in my mind Tom Bombadil is always portayed by Micheal Palin :)