September 13, 2001

Response to Steve L.
Sophie L.

I am unable to comprehend what your problem is. Your highly emotional, vicious response to Cicely was completely uncalled-for. You were vicious and insulting. Yes, New Line owns the film rights to the LOTR trilogy, therefore Peter Jackson has the right to do what he wants. However, as far as I am concerned, there is no time whatsoever at which someone else's story, someone else's characters, and someone else's ideas become public property. Sure, people can steal all they want, but they will have no originality as an artist and no artistic identity; they will be merely a second-rate copycat with no talent or imagination of their own.

Someone using someone else's copyrighted ideas and character names may not be guilty of plagiarism, but they are guilty of copyright infringement, which is a crime.

Cicely was asking for a point to be clarified. You did not clarify anything; you merely attacked, sniping and seizing at anything you could get your paws and jaws on.

One wonders why you became so upset that you lost all capacity for a rational answer?