September 14, 2001

Response to Sophie L.'s Response
Ray C.

Sophie, you really should go back again and look at what you wrote, and then at what Steve L wrote. Then take the first two lines of your response, the last two paragraphs, (delete the rest) insert Steve L's name instead of Cicely's, and address it to yourself. And don't forget to put the "you" in the last sentence in uppercase, bold type.

Copyright means that you can't use someone's original material without permission, which usually involves some sort of fee and the owner's acceptance of the way the intellectual property will be used. P.J. sorted this years ago, and I'm sure there's a big thick contract somewhere laying out all the conditions and royalty arrangements, and signed by both parties. Plagiarism is taking someone else's intellectual property, without the owner's permission or knowledge, in whole or in part, and passing it off as their own, or changing it enough to disguise it from the original, and then taking the credit for it.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion, including the opinion that someone else may be a little less than bright. Let them express their right to that opinion, as you yourself so often do, without resorting to anger and condemnation. And let's hope that things don't get too scary in the months ahead. God Bless.