September 17, 2001

The Law Re: Copyright Duration
Steve L.

I just did a bit of quick research to try to find some hard facts concerning copyright duration, and I ended up at the useful site below:


Here there is the following explanation:

3.1 The duration of Copyright depends on the nature of the Copyright material. Where the original or first owner of Copyright is an actual person, Copyright on literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work lasts for the life of the person plus 50 years. Where the first owner is a company, the duration is 50 years only.

3.2 That, in essence, is the basic Copyright duration. However, there are many variations that can cause the Copyright to be extended for longer periods. If, for instance, the original owner (person or company) transfers the Copyright to another party (this can be done through a will, trust, etc. or can be purchased), the Copyright can be extended.