September 17, 2001

Trouble for FotR Box Office in US?
Leonard S.

The following news could cause a boycott of FOTR in the US since FOTR will be a very visible (perhaps the only known) New Zealand symbol. A movie this expensive can't afford to antagonize any potential ticket buyers.

>From the New Zealand Press:

Prime Minister Helen Clark has pledged intelligence support in the global fight against terrorism, but is refusing to enact the Anzus treaty.

Yesterday, Ms Clark said New Zealand was no longer an operational member of Anzus and would not participate in negotiations between Australia and the United States in response to the terrorist attacks in America.

Anzus, from which New Zealand has never formally withdrawn despite friction over the Government's nuclear-free stance, includes a provision under which Australia, New Zealand, and the US regard an attack on one partner as an attack on all.

Australia implemented Anzus provisions on Friday following America's European allies such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain who have similar obligations under the Nato treaty.

However, Ms Clark said New Zealand was no longer bound by the treaty and that the US should feel under no obligation to defend New Zealand in future.

"No, it (America) would have no obligation. For the past 15 years it (Anzus) has ceased to exist as far as New Zealand is concerned," she said.