December 2, 2001

Arwen Worry... Important?
David T.

I should wonder why all I hear about is Arwen-this, Arwen-that; the small tinkerings Jackson makes are easily justifiable with only minor considerations. That is, if one looks for only one reason for whatever changes, additions, et cetera, are made; when considering the probably hundreds of reasons...

True indeed, it is, that Jackson must appease his audience. What harm is it then, if he brings a love story into the tale? After all, it's not really any addition. Tolkien himself writes of the love of Arwen Undomiel and Aragorn; Jackson is merely integrating it where Tolkien either wouldn't or couldn't (most likely a combination of both). However, what's most important is that the main themes of LOTR are preserved in their entirety. Until we actually have seen the whole of the films, we won't know if this has been done or not. The little ounce of added romance, however, is severely overlookable when one consideres the number of reasons for adding it. Most important for me, I think, is that non-fans and others who haven't read LOTR will understand the relationship between Arwen and Aragorn. One thing that weighs heavily on Peter Jackson, I'm sure, is whether the film grosses enough to justify its immense spendings. Are these two reasons not enough alone? That is, without considering the added theatrical implications, as well as the simple beauty and added meaning which that love tale brings to the movie(s)...

Also, with such horrid things as the 'Band of Power' (See TV Guide for this mishap), should we really be concerned with such details, as opposed to the horrid possibilities presented in marketing? Honestly, if you really think Arwen is that important, you should probably see the article on the TV Guide 'Band of Power...' it's revolting. I think most Tolkien fans will agree that even the grossest mutation of Arwen's role in LOTR couldn't amount to the disgust one feels just looking at that horrible thing (the 'Band of Power,' that is).

In sum, I think Tolkien fans need to get their priorities straight, trust Jackson, and cross their fingers rather than fork their tongues.