December 4, 2001

Eowyn: The Real Woman
Gina T.

Okay, I've tired to remain calm and I said I wasn't going to speak on it. But the last posting concerning Arwen, the elf titled "Arwen, worry...important?" has got me going. As a long time time fan of LOTR I am waiting for these movies with baited breath. And I greatly understand and agree with most of the flack other people are having concerning Peter Jackson's vision of Arwen. True is a thing of unearthly beauty and awe inspiring to those you look upon her, including Frodo. True is the long desired love of Aragorn, and the inspiration for much of his actions in terms of bringing about the reality of his true destiny as the king of Gondor. Since Elrond proclaimed that she should not be the bride of any man, less than the King of Gondor. Not to mention, Aragorn's wish to recreate an earlier great love affair between a mortal and a elf maiden for himself. All this Arwen is, which is cool. But warrior princess she ain't! That honor, at least in my eyes belongs to Eowyn of Rohirrm. And from the looks of things my girl is being denied her props! If my memory serves me correctly, Arwen for the most part is just shy of fluff. Not quite goddess material for that belongs to Galadriel, but lofty, remote and very unattainable, even for Aragorn. For me the love story doesn't even come into play until the appearance of Eowyn. Who is so much in love with Aragorn, that she basically throwing herself at him--with as much royal dignity as she must maintain--every change she gets. Until this, Aragorn remained the hero just gets utterly clueless if not down right rude in his treatment of Eowyn--thank goodness for Faramir. Eowyn is not only fair and beautiful, but more than Aragorn's or her brother's equal. She is the real woman in the whole story, as well as the real equestrian expert. Not Arwen. Eowyn had long been sneaking out from her royal hall to ride and fight with the riders of Rohan under the guise of Dernhelm, while Arwen remained sheltered in Rivendell. I feel like--I quess many others do, that my girl is about to get the short end of the stick here. And it isn't too often a great and worthly female comes along in these types of stories. But they should be kept in tact, when they do. I can kinda deal with Glorfindel's replacement with Arwen on the road to Rivendell, after all Bakshi used Legolas in his version. But anything beyond that is too much and unjust to the only person that took care of the Nazgul problem. Lest Peter Jackson remembers this. Long live Dernhelm! You go girl!