December 6, 2001

Eowyn: Gina T. is Right
John R.

Gina T. is correct that Eowyn is the true warrior-maiden of the trilogy. It's a wonderful role for an aspiring actress, and should be the leading role for a woman in the second and third movies.

Eowyn initially appears as a shy, dutiful maiden, masking her desperation at her own condition and that of the King. She has been ensorcled by Wormtongue who lusts after her. After she is spurned by Strider, she gives in to her despair and dresses in drag to ride off to war. She "steals the show" in the third book by killing the Witchking. She faints away, only to be rescued by the man who spurned her (Strider). At the end, she falls in love with Faramir. They marry and live happily ever after. Wow!

The problem here, of course, is money. Someone has invested hundreds of millions into this trilogy, and does not want the first movie to bomb for the almost total lack of females. Remember the (great) movie "The Thirteenth Warrior"? No? That's because it was all men. So Fellowship of the Ring needs a balancing romantic female presence, and Arwen is the logical choice.

Having introduced Arwen in the first movie, she can't just be dumped from the second movie, so have her show up at Helm's Deep with Elessar's standard. Take her to Edoras to meet Eowyn. Perhaps Eowyn abandons hope of attracting Strider once she meets Arwen, or perhaps Arwen's "elf-magic" helps Eowyn stay in her disguise as Dernhelm riding off to war.

But, even with a greatly enhanced role for Arwen, there should still be room for Eowyn to chew up the scenery and steal the show. Here's hoping.