December 12, 2001

Who Cares About Christopher Tolkien?
Anthony T.

Well, I just thought I'd throw my few cents worth in here! Just like millions of us across the world, I am sooooo excited at the prospect of seeing Peter Jackson's movies come alive. I love Tolkien and I love his creations, and I have been waiting for a movie like this since I was a little kid. Christopher tolkien comes across as the biggest stick-in-the-mud, and everything I hear about him and his opinions gives me the absolute craps. I'm so glad that he has no control over these upcoming films, for I believe if he had any input the films would be totally boring and not achieve anywhere near the vision of his fantastic father. Green with envy is the phrase I think best suits Tolkien's less than adequate offspring. Throw stones if you will, but I just don't think little Christopher deserves the respect he gets.