December 14, 2001

Help! Eye of Sauron
David T.

Hello, I need some help with a debate I'm having with a few of my 'friends.' {quotes intentionally used to indicate subjectiveness of the term} While I am quite sure that, by the time of the 3rd Age, when Sauron takes shape again, for the final time, he takes the shape of an eye. I know there are many references in LOTR that say, "the Eye of Sauron," et cetera. I desire to prove, though, that somewhere it is directly stated that his form was that of an eye. I know that I've read somewhere something in the vein that, "Sauron wrought for himself the shape of a great eye..." et cetera. What I'm having trouble doing, though is finding it. I've looked through a good bit of the Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, and the Lost Road, but can't find it. If anyone knows where I can get a decisive reference to prove this, PLEASE reply. You can, as usual, either post here (like most people do...), or send to my e-mail (