December 14, 2001

Re: Who Cares About Christopher Tolkien?
Jacob W.

Just adding my few cents’ worth as well… like Anthony, I have been waiting forever for a real substantial effort to bring the world of LOTR to the big screen. Now, I think that Christopher is entitled to his own personal opinion. However, I hope that his sour attitude does not spoil the movie for those Tolkien fans who actually place much credibility on what he has to say.

On a different track, there’s been contributions to this debates section in the past from those crying foul over Arwen’s expanded role, Tom Bombadil’s disappearance and other departures from the text. I think people have a right to criticise such changes and to express opinions on how things might have been improved. However, I hope we don’t lose sight of all the RIGHT decisions that have been made, and how much WORSE the conversion from book to screen could have been. I think the decision to make three full movies, each 3 hours in length, was a tremendously brave and laudable one. Can you imagine how unrecognisable the story would have been if they had compressed the entire novel into a single 110min movie!!?! One shudders at the thought....