December 14, 2001

Well, This Is It!
A Rag's Horn

Just wanna tell you all I was yesterday evening at the very-special-restricted-access avant-premiere of the FOTR. Sorry if you find this disgusting, I find it also! :-)

Well, there is only one thing to say: _______WoW_______!

I can't wait to be 5 days later to see it once more! Of course, it lacks some pieces of the original story, and of course some other pieces are told a little too fast, but hey, this is a film, what would you expect? I mean, this was inevitable unless you wanted a 25-hour-movie. There is only one time where this is a nuisance to the comprehension.

Apart from this, the actors are good to very good, the open-air shots are breathtaking, special fx are really nice, the story is great (but we knew this already!), and the music in itself makes the trip to the cinema necessary.
Try to get there with the mind of a 7-year-old kid and the pleasure will be yet more magic.

I don't think this is the best movie ever, but probably the best of its kind! Best of the year anyway! Thanks Peter!