December 15, 2001

Femenist Intervention = Arwen
Dean R.

Okay just by looking at the comercials for LoTR Arwen's part is obviously gonna be HUGE. But it is not that that bothers me as much as the "I am woman, hear me roar" version of Arwen that is being portraid as. I mean she taunts the nine riders, COME ON! The nine riders have killed the greatest warriors in history on a regular basis and Arwin because she is a chick gets to say "If you want him, you have to go through me.". At this point the nine riders would dispatch her and go on with life. Does anyone else see what I mean. A movie cannot be made today with no strong female characters without being called sexist. Finally I would like to mention that I wrote this article mainly to blow off steam, so I'm sorry if anyone finds it offensive.