December 17, 2001

Note to Dean R.
Gina Marie

I have one question to ask you Dean. Have you read The Trilogy? If you have, I suggest you read it again, more carefully. There is no feminist intervention in Tolkien's work. Just interesting, exciting, well developed and yes even strong female characters. However, as everybody who has READ the books know, Arwen Evenstar was not actually one of them. As for the first installment, you seemed to have missed out on Goldberry, the fabled Luthien Tinuviel and Galadriel--a wearer of one of three rings belonging to the elves. The second and third installment gets better with the likes of Eowyn, Rose Cotton and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins. So your assertment that Peter Jackson's revision of Arwen as politically correct feminism smacks of someone who knows not what he speaks. Lord Of The Rings has it's strong women, Arwen just isn't one of them. Like I suggest, go read the material again and maybe then you'll get it right! yes,I am a feminist.