December 17, 2001

Actor Choices
Jean P.

In fairness to Peter Jackson, I'll keep my criticisms to the facts rather than speculation. And one fact that is known about the movie is which actors are portraying which roles. In this particular case, I am disappointed, in particular, with the choices made to play the Elves. I really don't see how these young people are supposed to be believable as hundreds or thousands of years old immortals. Someone else mentioned how Bo Derek would be great as Galadriel. I would have cast all of the Elves with actors her age or older. There are plenty of actors and actresses in their 40s and 50s who are attractive *and* can project an air of experience and agelessness.

But I guess they had to cast the young, popular actors to get the box office draw. We all have our priorities.

On a similar topic, I'm not sure where they came up with the actor for Aragorn. I always thought Aragorn should be noble looking. This guy looks pretty shifty - not like a king in exile.

The wizard choices are, of course, excellent. But then they had quite a field to choose from.