December 19, 2001

What Is It With...?
Skylar I.

I have noticed a distressing tendency for people to belabor things that are wrong with the LotR movies.

Why can't people focus on the GOOD things in the movies? Tomorrow, I go to see the movie for the first time. Do I go there expecting to disapprove the things that were changed? No, or at least not very much. The fact that Arwen's role was expanded, and Tom Bombadil was cut out bothers me certainly, but I'll go to the movie to see if Peter Jackson managed to capture the SPIRIT of the story.

That's what's important isn't it? The Spirit of the story is what matters the most - not whether or not it's identical to the book. The SOUL of the tale is the most vital thing, if that was managed correctly then I'll come away from the movie quite content and willing to see it again.

I honor Peter Jackson's bravery in even attempting to make a GOOD live action version of LotR - a series that many other producers have considered 'impossible to film'. Knowing that doing a film on the LotR's would provoke a lot of fear as well as interest from Tolkien's devoted fan base, I'd said that the man has a lot of guts.

And I wish him all the luck in the world at succeeding in having a true master-piece that isn't forgotten in a year's time.