December 19, 2001

Re: Actor Choices
David T.

What? Of course, elven actors are debateable, though I don't know how you could object to Galadriel's or Elrond's personas. I had thought that the two actors chosen (Blanchett and Weaving) were great ideas for the roles. How is it, you think, that they aren't 'old' enough? Or, what is it that you think is lacking in their personages?

Also, so far as Aragorn goes, I shall refer you to the comment made by Frodo at The Prancing Pony about seeming foul but feeling fair. Aragorn was not, to my memory, particularly noble at first. In fact, I had the impression that he was supposed to look like a ruffian. I think he grows in stature as the novels progress, until he finally takes his place as king. I'll have to go back and read a bit over to see if this makes sense, but I still think Aragorn was cast well.

As for the wizards, I do think you're correct about the diversity of actors to choose from, but I don't think any others could supply the same experience or the great performance of McKellen and Lee. I just don't think there are any actors that could be chosen to equal them in these parts. If you think otherwise, who are the actors you think could have been better or equally well? Anyhoo...