December 22, 2001

In Support of Raw
Aziz A.

I am in support of all the staments made in the artical "Raw" and I have just a few more comments. I missed the suspense of the flight form the shire, with the whole chase to the river. And what about the bone chilly call of the Black Riders? I didn't feel the riders were that terrifying. As to the fellowship, I thought that the character development was week and the kinship of the group was lacking, espesiely with Gimli and Legolas. Also all the gifts and personal visons for Galadriel were glassed over, not to mention Gimli's love for her. I will go see it again. I had missed all the hype so I was a bit suprised by all the changes. As of now I'll give it a 4 out of 10. It didn't give me the depth I wanted.