December 23, 2001

Arwen... More to Come?
Lisa C.

Just saw the Movie and all I can say is WOW! Can you say Oscar: I think it should be nominated for Best Picture, Best Set Design, Best Costumes and Best Music Score! I can not believe the details that went into the cities of Rivendell, Lothlorien and Moria, even Hobbiton was the exact way I pictured it. I agree with most people that some parts were overly long and some parts were not enough. I actually did not think Arwen's role was too badly butchered, although I did roll my eyes when she snuck up on Aragorn on Weathertop, with her sword drawn and placed under his neck...Gimme a break! What's the jewel and Evenstar of Rivendell doing sneaking around in the woods far from home, late at night? I thought she was Daddy's most precious treasure? Oh well, I still would have liked to have seen either Glorfindel or Legolas here (shades of Bakshi). One thing though, how will the Two Towers play? In "Famous" magazine, (that mag that you pick up at the theatres), Liv Tyler is on the front cover and the article says that basically there's only three female lead in the entire Movie: A huge female spider, (must be Shelob), her mother, (Galadrial) and herself (Arwen). I was a bit miffed at this because Eowyn is a major lead in the books, as there is more development with her story: the struggle with her love for Aragorn, the rebellion against her Father who is being controlled by Wormtongue and of course, her battle against the Witch-King. Now if this doesn't count as a "Major Lead" than what does? I hope that Liv Tyler isn't going to be the one who battles the Witch-King. Oh well, all in all it was everything I expected, (with some changes) and I thoroughly enjoyed the Movie.